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  • Faculty of Core Research Humanities Division, Assistant Professor

  • Research Organization for the Promotion of Global Women's Leadership Institute for Global Leadership, Associate Professor


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  • State Management of Bilingualism: A Comparative Analysis of Two Educational Language Policies in Japan

    International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, vol.23(10)(p.1175 - 1191), 2020, MOTOBAYASHI, Kyoko, Original, Research paper (scientific journal), Single Author

  • Languaging the worker: Globalised governmentalities in/of language in peripheral spaces.

    Multilingua, vol.35(4)(p.345 - 359), 2016, Dlaske, K., Barakos, E., Motobayashi, K., & McLaughlin, M. , Original, Research paper (scientific journal), Coauthor

  • Language teacher subjectivities in Japan’s diaspora strategies: Teaching my language as someone’s heritage language.

    Multilingua, vol.35(4)(p.441 - 468), 2016, Motobayashi, K., Original, Research paper (scientific journal), Single Author

  • Autobiographic episodes as languaging: Affective and cognitive changes in an older adult.

    Language and Sociocultural Theory, vol.Vol. 1(1)(p.75 - 99), 2014, Motobayashi, K., Swain, M., & Lapkin, S., Original, Research paper (scientific journal), Capital Author

  • Writing in two languages: An exploratory case study of autobiographic writings by Japanese-English bilingual students.

    Japan Journal of Multilingualism and Multiculturalism, vol.15(p.1 - 17), 2009, Motobayashi, K., Original, Research paper (scientific journal), Single Author

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  • Book review of Kubota, R. (2015) Language Education in an Era of Globalization [in Japanese]. (Kuroshio Shuppan)

    Shakai Gengogaku [Sociolinguistics], vol.16(16)(p.203 - 209), 2016.11, Motobayashi, K., Survey, Single Author, Except for reviews, Book review and document introduction, etc.

Presentations 【 display / non-display

  • Sociolinguistic trajectories of language teachers: Contexts, discourses, and transformation.

    MOTOBAYASHI, Kyoko, International, 2021.05, Second Language Learning and Teaching talk series, Lancaster University (online), Lancaster University, Invited, Main Speaker

  • Mobility, identity, and the social turn in applied linguistics: Theoretical and pedagogical implications

    MOTOBAYASHI, Kyoko, International, 2020.10, ESRC-JSLARF Symposium, Tokyo (online), Japan Second Language Research Forum, Invited, Main Speaker

  • Teaching abroad and access to local languages: Foreign language learning as language teacher volunteers’ expectation for off-duty life.

    MOTOBAYASHI, Kyoko, International, 2020.03, Georgetown University Round Table (GURT 2020 Virtual), (online), Georgetown University , Not Invited, Main Speaker

  • Social turn in Applied Linguistics: From the perspective of Japanese Applied Linguistics.

    MOTOBAYASHI, Kyoko, International, 2019.08, Lecture at MSc in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching, Department of Education, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK, University of Oxford, Invited, Main Speaker

  • Japanese overseas migration and Japanese language education policy: What can applied linguistics contribute to global history?

    MOTOBAYASHI, Kyoko, Domestic, 2019.07, The 21st Symposium on Global Perspectives in Japanese Studies "Global History and Comparative Japanese Studies", Tokyo, Division of Comparative Japanese Studies, Institute for Global Leadership, Ochanomizu University , Not Invited, Main Speaker

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