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  • Research Organization for the Development of Comprehensive Knowledge Science & Education Center, Project Lecturer

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  • , Research Associate, 2005.04 - 2008.03

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  • Development of a place for science communication as an initiative to support the construction of a novice ECEC practitioner's view of children

    Impact, vol.8, 2020.12, Original, Research paper (scientific journal), Coauthor

  • Developing a setting for scientific communication to support novice preschool teachers’ philosophy of early childhood education

    The 18th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education , 2020.01, Inoue,C, Osaki,A, Goto,I, Suematsu,K, Documentation, Research paper (scientific journal), Coauthor

  • Analysis of Ubiquitous Learning Logs in the Context of Science Communications in a Museum

    Workshop proceedings of ICCE 2013(p.74 - 79), 2013.11, OGATA Hiroaki,MOURI Kousuke,BONO Mayumi,JOH Ayami, TAKANASHI Katsuya,OSAKI Akihiro,OCHIAI Hiromi,MORITA,Yuko, Original, Research paper (international conference proceedings), Coauthor

  • Collaborative Aerial-Drawing System for Supporting Co-Creative Communication

    Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, System, and Manufacturing, vol.3(1)(p.93 - 104), 2009.03, OSAKI Akihiro,TANIGUCHI Hiroyuki,MIWA Yoshiyuki, Original, Research paper (scientific journal), Capital Author

  • Embodied Navigation for Mobile Robot by Using Direct 3D Drawing in the Air

    Proc. of the 17th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN 2008) (p.793 - 798), 2008.08, OSAKI Akihiro,KANEKO Tetsuji,MIWA Yoshiyuki, Original, Research paper (international conference proceedings), Capital Author

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