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  • atom-molecular, ion-atom collision problem, visualization

Research Pursuits 【 display / non-display

  • An investigation of charge transfer in collision of ground-state Cl^{7+} with H has been conducted, based on a fully quantum-mechanical molecular-orbital close coupling approach. The charge-transfer process with n=5 and 6 is taken into account for collision energies between 10^{-4} eV/u and 1 keV/u. Electron capture cross sections and state selective rate coefficients are calculatied.

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  • Ochanomizu University, Faculty of science, Department of Phisycs, University, 1990/03, Graduated, JAPAN

  • Ochanomizu University, Graduate School(Other), Other, JAPAN

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  • Ph.D.

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  • Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences, Research Organization, the Core Section The Natural/Applied Sciences Division, Assistant Professor

  • Faculty of Core Research Natural Science Division, Assistant Professor

  • Headquarters for Research, Outreach and Intellectual Property, Research Advancement Division, Infrastructure Department IT Center


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  • Ab initio investigation of electron capture by Cl7+ ions from H

    PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 2007.08, L. B. Zhao, A. Watanabe, P. C. Stancil, and M. Kimura, Original, Research paper (scientific journal), Coauthor