INOUE Tokiko


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  • As a musicologist who has researched the transformation of musical culture, I am fascinated with the processes by which classifications and practices become widely accepted. Thus, I have studied the rise and diffusion of the choral activities in the 1800's in Germany, and the evolving orchestral concerts and the changes of repertoires from the early 1900's to the present. This focus on the transformation of musical activities and musical taste has led me to emphasize the importance of historical context and the utility of bringing multiple theories and methods.

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  • Currently, I am conducting empirical research on the factors that determine the performance repertoires of orchestras in Japan and overseas. At the current point in time I am at the fact-finding stage, but within this stage, development research themes have emerged for the future. Specifically, this research focuses on differences between the mechanisms of supply and demand for performance repertoires in different cultures. In terms of the cultural aspect, in cultural areas with a strong tendency toward uncertainty avoidance, repertoires become increasingly fixed due to factors such as the shift to conservatism in the tastes of the audience and the handling behaviors of the orchestras, while in cultural areas that accept uncertainty, the repertoires become more diffuse and heterogeneous through factors such as orchestras taking on the challenge of performing new music. Attention has focused on the effects of cultural aspects and psychological trends in the fields of law and economics, but in the field of music acceptance, there is surprisingly little research explicitly showing such differences. The question of how cultural aspects and psychological trends can be objectively measured is one I would like to consider in my future research.

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  • Ochanomizu University, University, Graduated, JAPAN

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  • Ph.D. in Musicology

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  • Faculty of Core Research Humanities Division, Assistant Professor

  • Faculty of Core Research Humanities Division, Associate Professor

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  • , Lecturer, 2005.04 - 2011.03

  • , Course Lecturer, 2005.04 - 2014.03

  • , Associate Professor, 2011.04 - 2014.03

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Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Western classical music in a non-Western culture: The repertoires of Japanese professional orchestras in the twentieth century

    Poetics, vol.67(p.13 - 25), 2018.04, INOUE Tokiko, Original, Research paper (scientific journal), Single Author

  • Who brings diversity to the repertoires of the Berliner Philharmoniker?: A study from the standpoint of regional diversity of guest conductors

    ETHNO-ARTS(32)(p.170 - 177), 2016.04, INOUE, Tokiko, Original, Research paper (scientific journal), Single Author

  • Choral activities connecting people, place, and national identity: A case report of choral societies in nineteenth century Germany

    ETHNO-ARTS(32)(p.89 - 94), 2016.04, INOUE, Tokiko, Original, Research paper (scientific journal), Single Author

  • An empirical analysis of the repertoires of the Berlin Philharmoniker: The formation of the repertoires under chief/guest conductors

    Ochanomizu University Studies in Arts and Culture , vol.第11巻(p.149 - 163), 2015.03, INOUE, Tokiko, Original, Research paper (scientific journal), Single Author

  • A survey on choral societies in nineteenth century Germany

    vol.第22輯(p.21 - 44), 2013.09, Original, Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution), Single Author

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Presentations 【 display / non-display

  • Does Conductor Diversity Increase the Diversity of Repertoire in Orchestral Concerts?

    Tokiko Inoue, International, 2022.08, 21st Quinquennial International Musicological Society Congress (IMS2022), Athens, Greece(採択・発表予定), International Musicological Society, Not Invited, Main Speaker

  • Reception, Transformation, and Localization of Opera Repertoire in East Asia in the Early 20th Century

    Tokiko Inoue, International, 2021.10, First Conference of the IMS Study Group, "Global History of Music": Music in the Pacific World: Change and Exchange Through Sound and Memory, Taipei, Taiwan, IMS Study Group, Global History of Music, Not Invited, Main Speaker

  • Orchestra concerts and "opera excerpts" in the Taisho and early Showa periods (1910's-1930's)

    Tokiko INOUE, Domestic, 2021.02, Not Invited, Main Speaker

  • An empirical study of orchestral repertoires in the "East and West"

    INOUE Tokiko, Domestic, 2017.03, International Musicological Society 20th Quinquennial Congress in Tokyo, Tokyo University of the Arts, Ueno Campus, International Musicological Society, Not Invited, Main Speaker

  • European Classical Music in Non-Western Culture: Japanese Cultural Identity Seen in Repertoire Development in the 20th Century

    INOUE Tokiko, International, 2012.07, 国際音楽学会第19回大会, Roma, IMS, Not Invited, Main Speaker