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  • Folk Dance, Social Function, Practice of Corporation

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  • Previous studies have confirmed that the "corporate groups" that participate in the Awa Odori have the function of building and strengthening multi-layered relationships by including a diverse range of people inside and outside the corporation and region. The purpose of the current research is to clarify whether these functions are also confirmed in folk performing arts other than Awa Odori. This year, I plan to conduct a field survey of corporate dance groups participating in the Sansa Odori in Iwate Prefecture to clarify the actual operation of the dance groups.
    In addition, it has become clear that corporations lacking skilled personnel and resources are able to participate in the Awa Odori because they are able to perform in collaboration with local groups due to the "formation" characteristic of the dance. The study also aims to clarify the participation strategies of Awa Odori bearers in the festival by conducting video analysis of how dance groups with different levels of proficiency collaborate with each other and how they practice applied performance.

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  • This study aims to clarify the potential of corporations as bearers of folk performing arts and their social value through a cross-sectional comparative study of the actual situation of corporate dance groups participating in festivals for community development in local cities in the future.
    It is original in that it targets the urban performing arts, which have been thin on the ground in the study of folk performing arts, and focuses on the practice of performing arts that have been overlooked in the study of urban festivals, presenting a junction point between folklore and sociology and providing a new perspective for both fields. In addition, by focusing on the participation in dance of ordinary people who are not full-time dancers, this research is highly evaluated as opening the horizon of sociology of dance, which discusses the interrelationship between dance and society and the role of dance in society. From these perspectives, this research is positioned as an interdisciplinary study spanning sociology, folklore, and dance studies.
    In the future, this study will incorporate the viewpoint of tourism studies, and will also consider the merits and demerits of tourism resources for the bearers, and present points to keep in mind when transforming folk performing arts into tourism resources.

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  • 博士(学術), お茶の水女子大学, 2024.03

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  • Faculty of Core Research, Research Fellow, 2024.04 -

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  • 阿波踊りにみられる企業連の多様な参与実態とその要因―三原やっさ踊りとの比較を通じて―

    比較舞踊研究, The Japan Society for Comparative Studies of Dance, , vol.29(p.25 - 35), 2023, 中村 まい, Original, Research paper (scientific journal), Single Author